77 Days To Go…or, I Just Ran 10 Miles In The Rain

You know you’re enjoying your marathon training, when a 10 mile run in the pouring rain seems like a really nice idea to you.

This morning I woke up, with a bit of a groan because it was raining. But I got up and started getting ready for the big 10 mile run that I had planned to do today. The closer I was to being ready, the more excited I was feeling about my run. Yes, I was likely to get absolutely drenched, and yes I didn’t really fancy being out in the rain. But I started to think – hey, the rain is refreshing when you’re out on a run!! It keeps you nice and cool, and the wind can be quite nice actually. So, armed with a “waterproof” jacket and my hat to protect me against the weather, I got out there. Within about 3 minutes my jacket was soaked through. But I didn’t really mind at all, it was keeping me cool, and it was actually making me feel more alive. 5 miles into my run, I thought I could go on for ever and ever and ever I was feeling so good and having so much fun. At 7 miles I popped into my parents’ Church to top up my water bottle, only to find that they had a bake sale going on for charity. So I treated myself to a cheeky mid-run cake. Well, I figured I should probably have some form of carbohydrate and sugar to keep me going to the end. And, once I’d left a suitably large puddle trail from my shoes around the building, and devoured the most welcome of chocolate cornflake cakes, I got back on my merry way home. I actually beat my Dad back home! (He’s got stuck in traffic, but still, I beat a car home) It was definitely the best run of my training to date. Despite the weather, I really enjoyed it. And at the moment I usually despair about going out for a long run as I don’t live near a park, so I have to pound the pavements of many a boring dual carriageway to build up my miles. But, today, the rain made the whole event a lot calmer, and a lot more invigorating. Even now, as I’m sat gobbling up some post-run pistachio’s I am thinking about my next run and how much I’m looking forward to it!!

So I guess, this week’s blog is all about getting out there whatever the weather, you never know – you too may enjoy a frolic in the rain. I’m not saying the soaking wet feet were enjoyable, I’m just saying, you’ll never know if that long run in the rain could be your most favourite run to date. So while this weather’s an absolute nightmare, think of all the good things about going out for a run in the rain, and go and enjoy yourselves!!! 

I hope all of you in training are doing well and enjoying yourselves!!! Keep up the good work – hey, there’s 11 weeks to go until the big marathon – we’re doing so well!

If you fancy donating anything (even a couple of pence) to my awesome marathon charity Sense, then you can do so on this link.. http://www.justgiving.com/Katie-Pritchard1


About katiepritchards

I'm a West End Actress / Comedian / and now I'm trying to be a blogger. So, I hope you enjoy what I have to chat about. It's mostly silly...just like me!!
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