68 days to go…or…WHERE HAS ALL MY TIME GONE?!?!

I’m at that stage in my training now where I’m loving it and it is well and truly in my routine to go out for my three training runs and one long run a week. However, this week I seem to have lost all of my time! Or, at least, my time keeping ability. In order to squidge in the training runs I wanted to do around moving house, gigs, and a new job that all decided to happen this week, I found myself using my commute as my training runs. It’s 12 miles into town from where I was living, so on Friday I headed out onto the big bad streets of central London in order to fit in my long training run for the week. And do you know what I realized?! How nice running to work was (provided you can have a nice shower when you get there of course). But I wasn’t trapped in between thousands of angry pushy rush hour tube travelers, I was out on the streets without a soul pushing me around or whacking me in the face with their rucksack. I also wasn’t running late because the tube had decided to stop working due to leaves on the track, I was running early because I was enjoying the commute so much. And when I got to work, I was ready and raring to go. I had fully woken up on the run in, had the biggest post run brekkie, and had a lovely shower. I’ve never felt so ready to start work. And yes, it was freezing cold outside, and yes I got caught in the rain, and yes it took me a bit longer than my usual commute. But hot diggity damn did I enjoy the run. I even got annoyed on the tube journey home that I hadn’t decided to run home again. However, I don’t think I could manage 24 miles in one day, just yet!

But this week, if you, like me, were struggling to fit in your training runs, try using them to commute. Not only does it get you out of the tube annoyingness, it is also nice to have a change, and the added goal of getting to work is something to keep you focused on running the full way!!

Hey guys, we’ve still got just under 10 weeks left till the big Marathon! We’re doing swell!! 🙂

Katie x

Wanna sponsor me for running the London marathon? Get online to http://www.justgiving.com/Katie-Pritchard1 I’m raising money for the awesome charity Sense – they help people suffering from the effects of DeafBlindness.


About katiepritchards

I'm a West End Actress / Comedian / and now I'm trying to be a blogger. So, I hope you enjoy what I have to chat about. It's mostly silly...just like me!!
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