49 days to go…or…aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!!

So it’s officially 7 weeks (49 days) to go until the big day!! And it’s time for the final push before the big taper. And I don’t know about you guys, but my legs hate me after each long training run!! Yesterday I ran 16 miles, and then continued to climb up and down massive flights of stairs at work all evening. Let’s just say, my quads aren’t my friend today. But as I get closer to my final long runs, and the final few weeks, I can’t help thinking that I’m gonna miss this after the big day. The putting aside of a day so that I can recover after a run, the allowing a good few hours for me to complete each long training run, the sense of achievement whenever I improve on my average pace in my runs, the sense that I might collapse at any point (but then don’t) as I near the end of my long runs, the constant methods of encouragement I have to use just to get me through my runs…what am I going to do when I’ve not got a marathon to train for?! And I think it’s good that I’m feeling this sentimentality now in my training, because it means I can get out there and enjoy every last minute of painful hill drills, intervals, and ridiculously long runs before the big day. The thing, I personally think, that is the most important thing to me right now, is to enjoy every run. Live it to it’s fullest. Push myself harder so that I get that euphoric buzz. And get to that starting line feeling excited and elated that I made it to the big day. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s only 7 weeks away!! That’s no time at all! Think of all the crazy hours of training we’ve put in so far! We are going to be absolutely excellent at this event, there’s no question about that!!

So even though this week I am suffering from a double “aaarrrggghhhhh” – the argh of the marathon being only 7 weeks away, and the argh that I’m really gonna miss the training schedule once the race is done, I am gonna get out there and enjoy every last drop of rain, sunshine, sleet, snow and wind that this weather might swing my way as I head out on my next few runs. I am going to enjoy every tight muscle the day after a long run. And I am going to ruddy well enjoy that euphoric feeling of achieving each goal I set myself. And do you know what?! I dare you to do that too!

Have a corker of a week you lot! I’m off to rest my weary little legs after my super speedy 16 miler yesterday!!!

Katie P x

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About katiepritchards

I'm a West End Actress / Comedian / and now I'm trying to be a blogger. So, I hope you enjoy what I have to chat about. It's mostly silly...just like me!!
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