Variety of Kings Review – APRIL

13062163_707306599372570_1519604412264702359_nPHWOAR!!! What a brilliant evening we had at Variety of Kings last night!! blimey!!

I don’t know why I’m always surprised at how much fun I have running and MC’ing my little club, since I book all of the acts, but I have such an awesome time every month!!! First of all, let’s kick things off with a massive thank you to our wonderful audience!! They were, once again, the loveliest crowd we could ever wish for!! I don’t know how we manage it, but every month, a lovely bunch of people pile into our little basement, and we all feel like we’re best friends for the night. Huge thank you to David and Neil, who became a part of the show, your performances were amazing. David’s baby, was just, well…beautiful!! And Neil got to be inside a pillowcase for 15 minutes, so, Neil…you’re welcome!!

We kicked off the night with the amazing Louise Reay, who performs her set completely in Chinese. She is fluent in the language, and proves to us that we don’t need to know the language to understand each other, have fun, and have a laugh! This is where David really came into his own, performing as Louise’s baby. The whole set was brilliant to watch, very entertaining, and we also got free bread…so…we were happy!! This truly is comedy without language barriers!! It’s not surprising why Louise has so many awards to her name! Next up we had the brilliant Alexander Bennett, who carried on the theme of having the audience fully involved, by putting Neil’s head in a pillowcase, and getting the rest of us to act out various impersonations. The Travelling Sisters burst onto the scene with the first of their characters – Steve. We think we’re a bit in love with Steve…he’s so magic!! A brilliant character with some amazing magic tricks, and excellent lines! Their next character – Suze – was awesome!! Performing her own brand of comedy, we learnt a whole


Heidi Von Swan performing here as Lady HooHar

host of new moves, that I can’t wait to try out in my next Bikram class!! To close the first half in full on showbiz glamour, we had the amazing Heidi Von Swan, as her character Lady HooHar!! Fusing together comedy and Burlesque, there is non-stop entertainment during her act…who plays a Bodhrun. ‘Singing’, ‘dancing’, ‘drumming’, and all this while she attempts to strip tease. This has to be my favourite character on the Burlesque scene that I’ve ever seen, and is one of the funniest character acts I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch!! We absolutely love her!! And we could watch Lady HooHar all day long!!

We then had a mighty fine interval…yeah we did!!


The brilliant Thunderbards

Kicking off part deux, we had the wonderful Ben Keenan performing his characterisations of things you would never know could be characterised!! We love his impersonations and voices. This cheeky chappy has so much charisma, it’s hard not to love watching him. And armed with his great material, he really got part two off to a great start!! The Thunderbards then took to the stage! With sketches and jokes aplomb, you couldn’t fail to be entertained!! Every time I see the Thunderbards, I enjoy them so much; their fast-paced material moves at the speed of light, they switch between different characters with masterful grace. What a splendid way to end our April show!!

All this held together by Dave Nattriss on the sound desk, running all of our sound cues, and just generally making the venue look super showbiz with his fairy lights and brilliant Variety of Kings lightbox!! If it weren’t for Dave, we wouldn’t be nearly showbiz enough!! Thank you Dave!!

A huge thank you to The Star of Kings for letting us take over the basement each month!!

I’m still not quite over the fun times that we had last night…can you tell??!! The next show is on Wednesday 18th May, and features Holly Burn as our amazing Headliner, with an astoundingly snazzy line-up: Pat Cahill, Stephen Bailey, Red Richardson, and Matt Ewins!! PHWOAR!! Tickets here.


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